Bespoke Running Coaching

I am a qualified running coach, certified by UK Athletics as a Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF). In addition I hold a postgraduate degree in Change Management and I have 20+ years of running experience. If you are interested in Coaching for your next event, or maybe just support in making some lifestyle changes, I would be delighted to talk to you and see how I can help.

More information about my services are available via UltraCoach here

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What are others saying?

Your coaching and training programme made an enormous difference to me. I feel so much wiser now and understand how I should be going about my running training. I can’t thank you enough. / Craig

I have really enjoyed every aspect of the Marathon training plan!  / Gary

I would whole-heartedly recommend your coaching service to anyone. You saved me and gave me the confidence and the skills to go into the MDS and run it whilst enjoying it. I would never have finished where I did had I been on the ‘other plan!’ The attention to detail, the genuine passion for running and the desire to help others achieve their goals is what sets you apart from others. My plan was individually tailored, thoroughly considered, and with a no gimmicks approach, which instilled so much confidence in me to tackle both the longer and shorter distances. You and Colin were always there to guide, reassure and help, and answer my questions. You tailored my plan to work alongside my busy lifestyle so it became a joy to train, never a chore. Your in-depth knowledge of kit was also pivotal in making MDS training considerably easier given your clear understanding that one size most definitely does not fit all! Again, I went into the desert knowing that I had the best kit that worked for me in conjunction with a really great, game changing block of training – all attributable to you!  / Rebecca

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